Get Insight into Team Communication

Email is an effective communication tool that most of us use in work quite intensively. It’s good, but it has its limitations. Based on this reason and for our own needs, we created Mailor – a tool which complements it; simply, but significantly.

Email is a standard tool for professional communications, and our personal inboxes contain a lot of valuable information for the entire team. Would not it be better if this information was shared with your team or even clients?

Mailor - tool helping with email communication

Create a group for your team, project or department! You will get a shared email address and portal with smart notifications, folders, and galleries!

Mailor - new group

Mailor - group header

Everyone can set up notifications according to their own preferences. Someone prefers to get all messages immediately (every email alias can do this) while others prefer only messages received from a certain person or messages about a specific topic or selected conversations. For example, you can set up notifications about all messages sent by your team to all representatives of a selected client.

Get rid of long lists of recipients in your emails, in which eventually somebody is missing. Get rid of the many unnecessary messages that colleagues send you in a copy.

Mailor - less addresses, less messages

You can read and reply to messages directly in Mailor or by a single click you can be in your email client and work there. The data in the message will be filled automatically and you will find it in your outbox.

Let your team enjoy a tool which decreases the number of messages, but provides better information about your projects. Shared space with your clients would also increase trust and help you build relationships.

Mailor - notifications

Register at, use it for free! We will be thankful for the feedback. Let us know your opinions and ideas 🙂 We keep on improving Mailor in a tool, which will really help you!